The Team

Xitij Thorat


The brains of the whole operation. Writes mostly in English. Loves science fiction. Studied 3D Animation.

Omkar Thorat

Part Time Thinker

He writes things that will make your cerebrum burn some calories. Also a civil engineer.

Shubham Shaah

Engineer/Robot Designer

He is a designer by heart and a critic by mind.

You would want to lose any debate to him

just to see his deadly smile.

HorizonSkip started as a YouTube channel.

Then became a gaming alias and now is an online blog that hosts poems and stories.

We are thankful to all the friends and family members who show undying support to every new idea we come up with.

We invite you too to join this crazy bunch of people!

HorizonSkip aspires to become a media company one day.

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