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Thoughts about religion

Let's start from the start. Apes were roaming on earth. Wandering and hunting. They realised walking on two legs gives you two hands to use tools. Some balanced,some failed. Those who balanced on 2 legs very well were more successful. Their progeny improved the balance even more. Hands developed opposable thumbs. Brain became bigger because the skull rested well on the shoulders and could support more weight. Bigger brain observed things in a more better way. The apes were now sapiens. They saw seeds falling and germinating. They saw forest fires developing by rubbing of branches. They saw rain cycles and moon cycles. They got to know that animals burned in fire tasted better and they saw that crops grow better and bigger if seeds from better and bigger crops are sown. They domesticated the wolf, the sheep, the donkey, the cow, the corn and the wheat. They turned rivers to their will using makeshift wooden dams. They thought it was better to settle down and have permanent food supply, water storage and strong shelters. So they gathered and settled in better places all over the earth. The settlements grew. More children survived now. But, humans have canines and their brains always want to make a fist of their hands to punch something and be aggressive and sometimes even behave like an animal. But that animal life was way behind us now. So then they developed a societal structure. They elected a strong and capable man to handle rough situations amongst themselves. They pulled down the elected man if he failed and re-elected a new stronger and capable person. Now everything was settled. Stomachs were full, hands were empty, body was relaxed but the brain was still wandering. It looked at the sky and wondered what the fuck is all this even about? So they thought to divert their attention. And they started making grammar and paintings and designer pots and vessels and toys and they sang songs and acted dramas and danced dances. But a few were still wondering. They paid more attention to the sky. They noticed the sun, it gives light and food to plants. They noticed the moon, it gives waves and winds. They noticed the thunder and the mountains and the snow and the earthquakes. And they explained everything they could with the help of their somewhat primitive brains. And the rest that they couldn't explain, they told it was divine. It was something that was out of their control. And that something that was bigger than them controlled it.

At the same time, the settlements grew into cities and the leaders grew into kings and the democracy grew into hierarchy. The system became more complex. And still they had to control their animal instincts and set ground rules. So they made boundaries and divided the land and the resources. In hopes of peace.

The inexplicable things were getting songs written about them. There were stories woven around them. Not only were they more interesting but also made the humans curious as to whether the legends were true or not. The wars for resources started. The winners wrote stories about their leaders and described them as gods and described the losers as evil. All the stories got modified as they passed on generation after generation verbally. The gods now had statues of them. The scholars started schools of thoughts. They developed code of conduct and compiled them. But this was happening simultaneously in several parts of the world. Unknowing of each other. The masses that couldn't think of these philosophies themselves went to the philosophers for education and learning. The animal in the humans was almost diminished now. Yet, the humans needed resources to survive and the boundaries meant to establish peace were now becoming barriers. The need for obtaining became the greed for keeping. The living leaders gained status of godly rulers. And the praisers were blessed with a place in the court.

Now it was time for social reforms. Everyone was doing a job. So they categorised them for easy ruling. The leader warriors and the philosophical messengers were popular. They amassed material wealth as well as high societal status. The traders and the farmers were exploited. And the people maintaining the cleanliness and the servicing of society got thrown to bottom. In a quest of leaving the animal side, humans fucked up their priorities. They cleared lands and forests for expansion. They massacred people on the other side of the boundary for cattle and resources. And finally, different schools of thought clashed. Each had a sermon. Each had a message. But whose was more correct? Who explained the inexplicable better? Who had built bigger and better monuments? Ah, so much work for the tiny little human brain. Let's follow the easy path! Clear the other school of thought, now called religion, from existence so that our religion becomes the best by default! They rejoiced what their beautiful brain had just thought. And the priests took king's hand and led armies onto their opponents. The resource war now became the holy war. The only way to preach their moral code of conduct was through aggression and violence. And the other parties did the same.

Slowly,the kings stopped caring about the original thought of the philosophers. Religion was such a powerful tool for them now. Religion attracted young men to armies. And large armies won you more land mass. Expansion!

But the thinkers still existed. The silly thinkers who corrected the fallacies of the religion. The silly thinkers who controlled electricity and magnetism. The silly thinkers who created newspapers and machines. The kings became obsolete. But they didn't vanish. They simply turned their form to adapt to democracy and communism. The elite remained elite after the once again reformed society. The armies increased even in democracies. And money, a new and valuable resource, could be amassed through the same old tricks. Categorisation is now the first priority. Keeping the masses fighting to amass wealth is still the priority. Pumping money into religious monuments and armies is still a priority. Killing people who oppose your religion is still a priority. Enough of the past now let's come to today.

Muslims are being kept illiterate so they don't think for themselves. Hindus are being fed hate of age old wars so that they don't forget the violence. Christians are being brainwashed as if they are the ones who are getting exploited and they need to retaliate with a war. In reality, all they want is money and to stay in power. Thousands die in coal mines yet they run because of the money. Billions are spent on armies because they make it back in trillions. The real message in the philosophies has been long forgotten. They are mere tools now. In a quest of controlling our animal instincts we have never became humans. We are monsters. The true scum of the earth. We fight and kill our own species for the virtual arguments that we ourselves created. What other species on earth does that? Literally none! The categories that were formed to facilitate and help easy ruling is now our new species. Our identity. It masks everything that is human and natural about us. But again, we are all settled in terms of our basic needs of survival. Our brains still seek entertainment and wars and religious clashes are the new hot favourites and sadly, it has taken the worst toll on human race as a whole.

Humans all over the world need to study the history of these religions and the texts and the philosophers that wrote them. Education will set us free. Identify and eliminate these enemies of the human race. We are not to be categorised anymore. Once again, a societal reform is needed and is way overdue.

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