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The Real Ruler

Whole human race is in the middle of a pandemic at this moment of time at which I'm writing this. At this point it seems that it is going to be over, and maybe the Human Race will survive. But do you know what is even worse? That this is going to be over and we will have to return to the same world, again.

The schools, colleges and universities, the overall education system that most of the students hate and I don't know why but, even I do hate it. The offices that most of its employees hate or are doing it because they have no better choice than to be in the race with the world. And many other professions which run the world but the people working there hate them. We will have to return to them.

Worst of all combined, nothing major is going to change, no, no major changes. Because the ones who make the changes are not us. We have set separate departments for changes at every level of work, education or even daily works that everyone carries out. That department has leaders,bosses or head of department to be precise who has almost the complete authority to make that change happen. Then that head of department has its boss or an upper body, which may be a big reason for the decision it makes while making changes. And on top of this order there is maybe just one person. So the changes that happen or are made are most of the time against what the people want. For example, I do not remember anyone from the common public signing a petition for big statues that are created by the governments throughout the world.

Right now the real ruler is Nature is what they say. I consider it correct as of now, because everyone is thinking this situation as Nature vs Human Race. The fact that humans are a part of Nature has vanished. Earth is rapidly going back to its natural form that we humans have disturbed since we can't even recall when. After this pandemic humans will take over again and the disturbance is going to continue. The Real Ruler will be dethroned because of some spoiled humans who are part of the 'hated' system and will probably continue till its own extinction.

- Omkar Thorat

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