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Just feels like a bad dream

To wake up not wrapped in your arms

I can look at your photos

But I’m forgetting the way you sound

Should have said I’ll miss you

When you were still in my sight

It’s just the morning

But I’m already afraid to spend alone this night

You knew my heart is made of glass

Your single harsh word shattered it down

And I knew you were made of steel

But I hoped to melt you down, somehow

The sweetest sugars taste like sand, without you

The warmest days feel so cold, without you

I told you it'd be better to be strangers

For in the end I’ll be the only one who suffers

You are so far, I’m starting to forget you

I can’t remember your voice and your scent too

The color of your eyes, it was black or was it blue?

Guess I would not recognize you in a crowd of two

So let me tell you one thing, before I forget everything

That you are preserved here forever

Because I’ve become someone just like you...

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