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Rahul's Purpose

"What is even the purpose of this? Why are we even here? Everything will be over at some point. No one will be there to remember you and what you did. Even Mahatma Gandhi will be forgotten.", Rahul said and left the classroom. "He is pissed at everything lately.", Rahul's friend said to his classmates. Rahul was a thinker, sometimes an overthinker. He wanted answers to his questions so badly that he even went in search for Sadhus and Mahatmas in the Himalayas. But hard luck, he couldn't get a single answer.

Rahul was a good boy. Always topped his class, would respect everyone and treat everyone equally. He was what a 'Sharma Ji's' son would be. But those questions brought him sleepless nights. He was at the peak of his curiosity. He went home late that day. His father tuned in to the news channel. "This is a historic moment in the history of humanity. But this could be dangerous. It is difficult to say anything surely right now but we will all face it together.", the U.S. President said. There was a reply to one of America's signal sent in to the space. The reply said, "We are coming." This was terrifying yet historical at the same time. A group of aliens who were representative of 'Council of Civilizations' were approaching Earth. They were on a mission to eradicate a form of life that seemed harmful to them. They were a thousand times powerful than all of the Earth's militaries combined.

In no time they landed on moon and decided to make contact with us from there. All the presidents and leaders of superpowers were going to talk to them on behalf of Earth. The aliens were equipped with weapons that would destroy the earth in seconds so there was no chance of negotiations. They had only one condition, 'If the life form on earth is found harmful, it will be destroyed.' Nonetheless everyone on earth had to agree. The norms that were set by them to judge a life form were ridiculous. They picked only one human and judged his behaviour and based on that they decided whether to eradicate the whole civilization or not. Their systems scanned every human on the earth and chose one. It was Rahul Sharma from Mumbai, India. The very next moment Rahul was in a space ship to moon.

He couldn't believe it at first. Then the aliens explained him what was going to happen. The representatives of Earth were also on video conference. The aliens put a helmet like scanner which scanned Rahul's memories. Rahul started thinking again. He got his answers. The existence of humanity was going to be decided on every little thing he did in his small life. Every breath he took was going to decide if any other human will take another breath ever again. "Everything has an impact on this universe, everything you do matters.", Rahul thought. After an hour or so, he was in his bed. Everyone was alive. Rahul passed the test and met all the norms. The aliens left. Humanity continued to live and Rahul was the hero. After that Rahul never asked himself 'Why?' but started asking himself 'How?'

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