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Broken Fires

Returning home after such a long journey

Still alive, was I lucky or was I really brave?

Returning home with an unwanted memory

That I know, will haunt me to my grave

In every silence, I hear gunfire

In every darkness, I see the broken fires

Broken spirits, broken hopes, broken bones

Desperate to die even after returning home

Even when walking in my garden

I’m afraid, I’ll step on someone's skull

I can still feel the armor's burden

Awake or asleep, all I see is blood

My fingers are only good at pulling trigger

It’s no surprise that she still treats me like a stranger

Never saw my face since she was three

I was never there for you, please forgive me

The scars and injuries are slowly healing

But these broken fires are never igniting

It would have been better to not return

In my own home now, I’m a coward

I brought the battlefield home with me

This fire will burn down everything

I’ve won the war but lost everything that day

Can’t I ever be the same again?

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