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Let’s purge together this evening

Let it rain blood and screams

Carve the skulls like pumpkins

Let me enjoy this Halloween!

Stirring brains with my knife

Add a limb for some spice

Need a crunch? Add some teeth

Say cheers! For it’s the Halloween!

Bang Bang! I can hear it in my mind

Louder! I wanna hear you scream and cry and whine

My stomach's full without spending a dime

Faster! Polish the eyeballs till they shine fine

Look it’s the sun! Just kidding! it’s me in disguise

Come closer, I wanna burn your skin

Life is a race and death is the prize

Come closer, take me home this Halloween!

To dress like a zombie I don’t need a costume

Don’t call it garbage, those skulls are my fortune

I am a pro-vegan and I don’t kill any pumpkin

So join the greater cause in this Halloween!

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