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When I finally snap

It will be a doomsday

Getting tired of this crap...

I’ll leave no place for you to run away!

Get ready. I am gonna diss all of the humanity

By the time this comes out, I hope it won’t be relatable

But right now, this is all so real, this is not a fable

I mean, I look around and all I see is shit

I see people celebrating people for being a dick

Democracy is dead, an orange rules this world

Society is a joke, there's children dying of thirst

We owe each other so much money that doesn’t exist

But spend every last dime on military, bitch please

We should be on moon right now, it’s already fifty years

But no, we will share cat videos and fake laughs and tears

"Existence is a pain. I am offended, you are a racist."

Instead of hearing this every day, I’ll be better off with Nazis

Art, science, and philosophy? Can’t devote to that shit

But hey, check out this skrrrra, it’s woke and lit

Why do we keep forgetting we have done awesome things together?

I mean, we aren’t the only ones who came out of water

But we are the only ones who ask questions, who ponder

And we are the only ones with conscience in their gray matter

Nine year olds are depressed, adults are no better

This is enough I guess, to all of the humanity, here is my last letter


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