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I am hiding from my people

The sky seems out of reach

I know I am an eagle

But unable to push the winds beneath

On the mountain tops, I sit alone

Scared, I can’t look down below

I am afraid I can’t fly anymore

I have lost trust in my wings and my bones

All my feathers are falling apart

I am losing strength every time I breathe out

I wanna touch the skies like I did in the past

But I don’t have the courage to break out

I am afraid I will fall from the sky

I wonder if I could ever fly

I am waiting for the trees to catch fire

To sacrifice all my fears into the pyre

Just once, I hope to rise like a phoenix

I know I can fly, I haven’t forgotten all my tricks

Back then I used to fly above the clouds

I used to fly above the storms....

I will fly again, I haven’t lost all my hopes

I will strengthen myself, I will cut all the ropes

I am an eagle, the symbol of freedom

I will fly, even if I don’t return home...

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